The new white sandalwood from Serge Lutens

The new white sandalwood from Serge Lutens
The new white sandalwood from Serge Lutens

Santal Blanc, a newcomer to Serge Lutens’ Eaux de Politées collection

Serge Lutens is a perfume designer who is unlike any other. Very inventive, he draws his inspiration from all places and from multiple eras. He doesn’t just follow trends, but explores paths that are still unknown to the public. Creative at heart, he takes us very far from conventions, and acts like a kind of poet in the middle of the universe of smells. Today, Serge Lutens has chosen to enrich his Eaux de Polroits collection with a sixth composition which follows on from L’Eau d’Armoise . Focus on Santal Blanc, a juice that is both intimate and very contrasting.

Santal Blanc, a felted masterpiece

Santal Blanc alone embodies all the talent of the creator Serge Lutens. Designed in collaboration with perfumer Cristopher Sheldrake, this fragrance is all at the same time: power and restraint, delicacy and ardor. Intended for both men and women, it is a powdery fragrance, both warm and spicy, and ending with an animal base. White Sandalwood by Serge Lutensis above all a woody essence, which revolves, as its name suggests, mainly around sandalwood. This raw material, widely used by perfumers, deploys all its milky richness and smoothness here. However, the White Sandalwood fragrance gains in power on contact with spices. It also contains pink pepper and cinnamon. For more elegance and nobility, Serge Lutens has also incorporated iris wood. Finally, this composition ends with a more animal musk, endowed with an enveloping sensuality.

Purity, the common thread of the Eaux de Polroits collection

This new assortment of perfumes, called Eaux de Politées, has made purity its spearhead. In fact, it all started with a sentence launched by Serge Lutens in 2010: “Luxury begins with cleanliness”. Then, when the designer presented his collection for the first time, he added “To arise or to disappear, each thing in its time”. If Serge Lutens has already largely proven his talent for designing powerful perfumes, restraint is a novelty for him. The Eaux de Politées are made up of six airy, fresh and transparent scents. However, the latter are the result of all the talent of Serge Lutens and do not lack relief. Once again, the perfumer signs here a high-end, very creative and ambitious assortment.

It should be noted that all the perfumes making up the Eaux de Polroits collection, including Santal Blanc, are presented in a common bottle. This forms a thick, transparent square, the walls of which seem to have been crumpled. The weight of this container speaks volumes about its refinement. The square shape of this bottle is immediately reminiscent of the shape of the iconic Chanel N ° 5. However, its cap is different. Rather, it takes the silhouette of the cork from the Gratte-Ciel collection by Serge Lutens, available for the occasion in a translucent version.

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