The Double Fix Mascara ‘Clarins’ know-how at the service of your eyes

The Double Fix Mascara 'Clarins' know-how at the service of your eyes
The Double Fix Mascara ‘Clarins‘ know-how at the service of your eyes

Fix the intensity of your eyes with Clarins Double Fix ‘Mascara

The Clarins house is currently one of the most prestigious brands in terms of beauty and skin care. It is particularly renowned for its skin care products, which are often designed with natural ingredients. However, she does not abandon research in the field of make-up either. Clarins continues to innovate and provide innovative products to enhance feminine beauty. This is how the Double Fix ‘Mascara was born. Very innovative product, it has a dual function and takes care of both your eyelashes and your eyebrows.

Double Fix ‘Mascara on the eyelashes

If there are more and more waterproof mascaras today, it must be recognized that non-water-soluble makeup considerably restricts the choice available to you. Thus, Clarins had the idea of ​​designing a kind of waterproofing top coat for the eyelashes: the Double Fix ‘Mascara. In other words, this product has the ability to make any mascara completely waterproof. As a result, you keep a wide choice of makeup, but your product immediately becomes resistant to water and perspiration. Double Fix ‘Mascara is made of hydrophilic polymers and waxes that do not mix with water. Thus, it avoids any burrs, whatever the circumstances. It is also not afraid of excess sebum and considerably increases the hold of your make-up. TheMascara Double Fix ‘ is a perfect everyday ally, especially during the summer season. Thus, you will no longer be afraid to take the plunge into your pool at the risk of looking like a panda. The Double Fix ‘Mascara accompanies you in your daily life and makes you more beautiful in all circumstances.

Double Fix ‘Mascara on the eyebrows

Also note that Double Fix ‘Mascara is applied to the eyebrows. Completely transparent, it does not stand out. It simply serves to discipline and fix their shape perfectly. It can be applied on bare eyebrows or made up. If your eyebrow is loaded with powder or pencil, Double Fix Mascara ‘doesn’t know how your makeup looks. Thanks to it, your gaze will only have more impact and your face will be completely better structured. Those main lines won’t be disturbed by a messy or rebellious eyebrow.

Of course, Double Fix ‘Mascara has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It adapts to all eyes, even that of people wearing contact lenses. Very natural, it does not create any clumps and dresses your eyelashes and eyebrows over the entire length. Finally, a little extra that makes the difference: Double Fix ‘Mascara benefits from all of Clarins’ cosmetology expertise and acts as a real treatment throughout the day.

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