The Body Partner, your new beauty ally designed by Clarins

The Body Partner, your new beauty ally designed by Clarins
The Body Partner, your new beauty ally designed by Clarins

Body Partner, Clarins’ anti-stretch mark ally

The Clarins house is one of the most famous cosmetic brands on the planet. Thus, she offers a whole bunch of products to overcome your small skin defects and to enhance your natural beauty. Now, what phenomenon is more widespread than that of stretch marks? These small scars are related to a lack of elasticity in the skin and affect most women. They usually appear during hormonal changes or significant weight gain, such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause. To make your skin more elastic and reduce their visibility, Clarins invites you to use its Body Partner, a new generation cream, specially designed for perfectly smooth skin.

The Body Partner, a new anti-stretch mark formula

Body Partner is a brand new cream developed by Clarins, which complements the previous formula of the Special Stretch Mark Complete Care, and which now includes new plant active ingredients. Its goal ? Further increase your profits and be more efficient than before. Suitable for all skin types, the Body Partner can be used on the thighs, hips, stomach or breasts. It improves the elasticity of the skin and thus prevents it from cracking when it stretches. Its formula improves the elasticity and firmness of the epidermis, while soothing it. More concretely, the Body Partner even acts on four dimensions at the same time: it reduces the length, width, depth and color of stretch marks. After three months of regular use, when Body Partner is applied daily to the skin with circular massages, 90% of women feel that their skin surface is more elastic and smoother. 86% of them find that the pink color of their emerging stretch marks has faded. Finally, 81% of users notice a reduction in the depth, length and width of their stretch marks.

The eco-responsible resources of the Clarins Body Partner

Well aware of drawing all the benefits of its products from the heart of nature, the Maison Clarins strives to take great care of them. Thus, the Body Partner is presented in an eco-responsible packaging, in recycled plastic. The ingredients that make up its recipe, meanwhile, come from fair trade, through a program established in Madagascar, and participating in the better living of local populations.
Clarins Body Partner contains in particular asiaticoside from centella asiatica, associated with organic banana extracts. This duo prevents the appearance of stretch marks by strengthening the collagen fibers and elastin of the skin. Immediately, the epidermis gains in resistance to stretching and in tone. To this is also added hazelnut oil, whose nourishing properties are particularly recognized in the cosmetic industry. Day after day, Clarins implements new research so that your skin benefits from an ever more successful plant synergy. The Body Partner is just another demonstration of its extraordinary know-how.

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