Sensual Hand Balm, the Kenzoki solution for fragile hands

Sensual Hand Balm, the Kenzoki solution for fragile hands
Sensual Hand Balm, the Kenzoki solution for fragile hands

Nourish the fragile skin of your hands with Kenzoki Sensual Hand Balm

The hands are covered with extremely thin and fragile skin. Moreover, since it contains few sebaceous glands, it is naturally drier and more vulnerable. However, the hands are also one of the parts of our body most exposed to external aggressions. The cold, the sun and the use of chemicals don’t help. Consequently, all these factors accelerate their skin aging. To preserve them, it is essential to nourish and hydrate them properly. To give you an idea, the synthesis of natural moisturizing factors for the hands is four to five times lower than for the face. In other words, your hands get dehydrated very quickly and it is therefore essential to supplement their natural supply of water and nutrients with appropriate creams. Focus on theKenzoki Sensual Hand Balm .

The triple action of Kenzoki Sensual Hand Balm

The Sensual Hand Balm is a particularly complete and rich product, which brings together three actions in one and the same formula. It hydrates, nourishes and protects the epidermis in depth. Thanks to it, the hands in search of softness will find their happiness! Presented in a small tube, the Sensual Hand Balm could well become your best everyday companion. Indeed, its compact size allows it to be taken absolutely everywhere. The Sensual Hand Balm is a true compendium of softness and comfort. It nourishes the skin and protects it against all daily aggressions. Its fluid formula immediately penetrates the heart of the cells, and does not leave a greasy sensation behind. Only the comfort and softness remain after its passage. Thanks to Sensual Hand Balm,

The natural active ingredients contained in Kenzoki Sensual Hand Balm

To achieve such results, the Kenzoki houseto rely more on the use of natural products. Thus, the Sensual Hand Balm contains active vegetable essence of rice. This product has multiple virtues, and acts in particular as a true nutritive and softening concentrate. It is associated with shorea butter, a raw material obtained from the seeds of the shorea tree, a plant widely distributed in Asia. This natural extract nourishes, softens and protects the epidermis from drying out. Finally, antartica, a micro-organism found in the ice water of Antarctica, completes this recipe. This natural organism contains a protein which helps fight against the cold. In other words, it’s a great ally when the cold winter days kick in. It slows down dehydration and intensely protects the skin.

To use Kenzoki Sensual Hand Balm, simply put a small amount of it in the palms of your hand and then caress your skin with this comfortable and infinitely nourishing sensory texture. This treatment can then be used on all types of skin, at any time of the day.

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