Le Chant de Camargue Eau de Parfum

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Le Chant de Camargue Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by L’Artisan Parfumeur. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, Carmargue rice, sandalwood milk

Le Chant de Camargue Eau de Parfum
Le Chant de Camargue Eau de Parfum


The desalinated marshes of the Camargue region of France are known for the treasured “wild” red rice cultivated there- and the gorgeous pink flamingos drawn to the amber-colored plants. Le Chant de Camargue, the newest from L’Artisan and perfumer Alberto Morillas, captures the unique character of this magical location, delivering a subtle and beautiful fragrance that evokes the delicately floral, subtly earthy, soothingly creamy aromas one might experience on a stroll through a real rice paddy.
Using the fresh. gently smoky tones of bergamot to set the scene, Le Chant de Camargue quickly reveals a smoothly powdery heart of rice, an accord built from scratch by Morillas to capture the uniquely nutty texture of Camargue red rice. The rice’s mouthwateringly milky tones are further supplemented with the sandalwood milk accord of the base, prolonging the woody and creamy elements of the rice and bringing the intensity of the still-noticeable bergamote back into play. The cumulative effect is compellingly dreamlike, delicately mouthwatering, and subtly invigorating- a true journey through a beautiful and distinctive corner of France as only L’Artisan could provide.

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Specification: Le Chant de Camargue Eau de Parfum


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