Legend Spirit the reflection of the Montblanc spirit

Legend Spirit the reflection of the Montblanc spirit
Legend Spirit the reflection of the Montblanc spirit

As its name suggests, Legend has become a staple of the Montblanc house.

Indeed, it was born in 2011 and was intended for virile men in search of their destiny and listening to their instincts. Well, gentlemen, rejoice: Montblanc has decided to give pride of place to this extremely elegant essence. The year 2016 will see the appearance of a new variation of this essence called Legend Spirit. Always so classy and worthy of the refinement of Montblanc, this one promises to bring a real breath of freshness in everyday life.

Montblanc revisits the Legend bottle

As it is a revisit of an existing fragrance of the house, Montblanc wanted to take again the aesthetics of the initial bottle by simply making slight modifications. Indeed, Legend Spirit takes all the emblematic codes of the brand. On the one hand, its cabochon is adorned with a six-pointed star symbolizing the six glaciers surrounding Mont-Blanc. This is the Montblanc signature present on all of its products. In addition, its edges are heavy while remaining rounded and soft. We have here an adaptation of the design of the pens, flagship objects of the house. This aesthetic then symbolizes all the power, presence and virility of man. However, it does not seem devoid of delicacy and then exudes a truly stunning charm. Then, the bottle of Legend Spirit draws all its modernity from the metal band covering the top of its container. The alliance of the elegance of Montblanc with this raw material then makes the fragrance somewhat timeless. Finally, the real change made between Legend and Legend Spirit lies in the main color of the case. If the first was black, Legend Spirit is now adorned with a brilliant white, giving off all the luminosity of the snow in the sun. It inspires a great freshness worthy of snow-capped peaks. In addition, when you decide to remove its cabochon, it is clear that Legend Spirit keeps all its promises.

Legend Spirit, the icy breath of snow-capped mountains

Legend Spirit is a fragrance for elegant and contemporary men. In addition, it can boast of blowing a real wind of dynamism in everyday life and manages to surprise us with its freshness. Legend Spirit opens straight away with a strong smell of bergamot. This is then accompanied by citrus notes of grapefruit and comes to magnify them. While the citrus gives off all its invigorating flavor, Legend Spirit captivates us with its marked and sweet freshness at the same time. In addition, the spicy notes of pink pepper make their appearance and then enhance the character of the perfume. Then, the heart of Legend Spirit explodes on an aquatic accord embellished with lavender as if to underline all its elegance and bind the whole. What’s more, there is also cardamom. This goes wonderfully with this fresh water and embellishes it with its notes of conifers. Finally, the woody trail of Legend Spirit finishes captivating us with its smell of blond woods and oak moss. Then, it all ends with an enveloping sensation provided by cashmere enhanced with all the elegance of white musks.

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