Coach Floral Blush, new feminine Coac New York

Coach Floral Blush, new feminine Coac New York
Coach Floral Blush, new feminine Coac New York

Coach Floral Blush, when New York spring comes to perfumery!

Coach is not a perfumer like the others and only made his very first essence very recently, in 2016. Initially, Coach was specialized in the world of leather goods. In keeping with the urban style and the energy that characterizes it, this brand has chosen to develop juices that are always modern, with refined recipes, and aimed at today’s city dwellers. Year after year, Coach’s catalog grows , last year marked the launch of the Coach Floral fragrance . This time, the brand has decided to celebrate the arrival of sunny days, by creating a new lively and tangy, modern and airy composition. Focus on its brand new fragrance: Coach Floral Blush.

Coach Floral Blush offers itself a feminine bottle full of symbols

Let’s start with the bottle of this brand new perfume first . This one fits exactly the same silhouette as its predecessors. All round, it echoes feminine tenderness and generosity. Numerous leather elements also decorate the set, as if to recall the brand’s primary universe: that of leather goods. A metallic spray overhangs the whole and gives this juice more modernity. In fact, the new Coach Floral Blush is inspired by the brand’s Coach Tea Rose motif, a small flower that is very present on Coach handbags and accessories.

Here, this floral muse is available in a very festive and feminine pink color. Moreover, the whole of this bottle plays the card of romanticism and cheerfulness by opting for this color. As always, the Coach logo is engraved on the front of this bottle. As you will have recognized, this is one of the iconic horse-drawn carriages present in Central Park.

Coach Floral Blush, a very springy and tangy composition

On the scent side, this perfume is in perfect harmony with its visual. “With Coach Floral Blush , we wanted to create a positive and joyful fragrance,” explains Stuart Vevers, Creative Director of Coach. Inspired by our iconic Tea Rose pattern, it evokes the lightness inspired by spring and summer, but can be worn all year round ”. Coach Floral Blush is for all the optimistic and sparkling women of our time. He encourages each of us to see life on the bright side and to make everyday life a moment of pure pleasure.

For this, Coach Floral Blush first takes on the energizing scent of Gogi berries, an ingredient used in Asian countries for over 2000 years for its medicinal properties. Here, Gogi berries give Coach Floral Blush a fresh, tangy scent, bursting with energy. Then, it is a floral heart that takes hold of the whole. Coach Floral Blush is won over by the presence of peony, a romantic flower like rose, and light like lily of the valley. Finally, Coach Floral Blush ends with a more woody but equally pure base of white wood. Tenderness and voluptuousness finish to sublimate this new composition.

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