Chanel – Chance Eau Fraîche

Chanel - Chance Eau Fraîche
Chanel – Chance Eau Fraîche

Chance Eau Fraîche or the scented wheel of happiness …

In 2003, the house of Chanel offered a magnificent perfume dazzling with light: the pretty Chance. Yet despite his freshness and youth, he was not as lucky as his illustrious elders N ° 5, N ° 19 or more recently Coco, Coco Mademoiselle or Allure. Misunderstood, we all the same gave the magnificent Chance its chance by offering it, still under the aegis of Jacques Polge, a magnificent variation bearing the name of Chance Eau Fraiche.

Chance Eau Fraiche is sparkling, dynamic, a young lady’s perfume which both asserts its allure and elegance but also its liveliness and spontaneous charm. Moreover, the baptismal name of the Chance range refers to the sparkling Coco Chanel, the spiritual mother of all perfumes. Coco Chanel, who liked to believe in her destiny, would have often said this sentence: “A chance offered itself, I took it. “. Chance Eau Fraiche will therefore be one of the house’s brilliant tributes to the absolutely sensational spontaneity of its venerable founder. A true fashion icon, Coco Chanel still represents with panache the modern and spontaneous woman of today.

Chanel naturally brings this legend back to life through its perfumes, both in their composition and in their creative spirit. For Chance Eau Fraîche, for example, Chanel says: “It appears [luck], it disappears, it never sets in… and you only have a few seconds to grasp it. It’s unpredictable and pops up where you don’t expect it. But if you decide, anything becomes possible. »Chanel for Chance Eau Fraîche.

In order to represent this Chance Eau Fraîche as a whirlwind of hectic and bubbling life, the house of Chanel will choose the young muse Charlotte di Calypso. Astonishing and lively, the young lady will shake up the traditional Chanel suit with her sparkling charm to sprinkle her with her oversized perfume! Alongside Jean-Paul Goude, Chanel dares to break the classics for Chance in order to appear ever more modern.

Spices and citrus fruits for a resplendent Chance Eau Fraiche

The bottle of Chance Eau Fraiche continues, like its elder, to amaze us with its originality. Indeed, Chanel perfumes have been since N ° 5 , almost all of them represented in the iconic square bottle of the house. By representing this glass wheel of luck, the least we can do is that Chanel innovates. Moreover, for this Chance Eau Fraîche, we are attracted by the bright green of the fragrance, a great novelty there also for the venerable house of perfumery!

Chance Eau Fraiche opens with notes of citron, lemon and pink peppercorns forming an ultra-invigorating opening, totally sparkling with light and tangy freshness. At the heart, jasmine and rose offer their classic but so elegant beauties to a water hyacinth as soft as it is fresh and delicate. Finally, the exotic and warm woods of patchouli and teak merge with the powerful nervousness of vetiver. White musks bring their cottony sweetness to these precious sensual notes.

“A breath of energy that takes you into its whirlwind of happiness and fantasy. An olfactory rendezvous with luck. »Chanel for Chance Eau Fraîche.

A new freshness of spirit.

Chance fresh water

Chanel - Chance Eau Fraîche
Chanel – Chance Eau Fraîche

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Round like the wheel of luck, a bottle ringed with silver, which offers us the surprise of an overflow of freshness.
A sparkling green juice, ready to burst, like a rain of happiness.
Jacques Polge reinterprets the olfactory constellation of CHANCE, around the magical combination of the “Unexpected Accord”, to create a fragrance overflowing with joie de vivre.
And the Unexpected Flower becomes Sparkling Flower …

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Chypré – Floral

Head note: Citron.

Heart note: Water Hyacinth, Jasmine.

Note de fond : Bois de Teck, Vétiver, Patchouli Ambré, Musc Blanc.

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