An Extra-Firming Eye Contour at Clarins

An Extra-Firming Eye Contour at Clarins
An Extra-Firming Eye Contour at Clarins

Extra-Firming Yeux, the new youthful eye contour treatment from Clarins

Clarins is one of the most renowned beauty brands on the planet. Indeed, the brand has particularly advanced knowledge in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Therefore, it favors the use of plants to sublimate your skin and preserve its youth as long as possible. What is more, Clarins never rests on its achievements and continually implements new research to offer you treatments with even more successful formulas. This is the case with Extra-Firming products . In this context, and well aware of the fragility of your eyes, Clarins has designed Extra-Firming Eyes, a youth treatment specially adapted to this sensitive area.

The look, a very fragile part of the face

Extra-Firming Eyes is a new generation treatment that takes into account all the specificities of the area of ​​your gaze. Indeed, the skin around the eye is particularly vulnerable. It is also very often she who sees the first wrinkles appear, also called crow’s feet. It must be said that the epidermis that surrounds your eyes is not spared! First of all, it is subjected to continual expressive movements. The skin near your eyes is directly connected to your eyelids and their countless movements. At the same time, it is also very exposed to climatic conditions. It therefore suffers the full brunt of attacks from the cold, the sun, the wind or pollution. All these elements tend to weaken it. Over time, the skin dries up and ages prematurely. Naturally thinner, it also reveals ugly dark circles or unsightly bags that weigh down the eyes. Finally, as in other areas of your body, the skin of this specific part gradually loses its elastin and hyaluronic acid. It widens, becomes less plump and relaxes. It is therefore against all these natural harmful effects that Clarins Extra-Firming Eyes is fighting.

The tightening effect of Clarins Extra-Firming Eyes

The Extra-Firming Eye Clarinsis a hybrid treatment that has both the smoothing effect of a serum and the comfort of a balm. Therefore, it offers a real ritual of appeasement on a daily basis. Non-sticky, it penetrates very easily into the heart of the epidermis. Extra-Firming Eyes is applied to clean, dry skin, once or twice a day. In just four weeks of use, it works wonders! Extra-Firming Eyes reduces the appearance of age-related puffiness and dark circles. Day after day, this treatment visibly smoothes the skin and reduces tension wrinkles. As for the signs of fatigue, they disappear. In the morning, your face seems more rested and your eyes are more radiant. Dermatological tests have established the effectiveness of this product. In four weeks of use,

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