Acqua di Gio d’Armani, a new set for a fragrance source of vitality

Acqua di Gio, a new set for a fragrance source of vitality
Acqua di Gio, a new set for a fragrance source of vitality

Acqua Di Gio, Armani’s source of vitality in a box

Acqua Di Gio is one of the star scents of men’s perfumery. It is also one of the bestsellers of the Armani house and gives us a very personal image of the creator. Indeed, it was designed on the island of Pantelleria, a place where Giorgio Armani likes to relax between two creations. It is a Mediterranean island, both bordered by sea waves but with a very vegetal and mineral landscape. So, it is all these elements and this contrast that we find in the Acqua Di Gio perfume. It encourages man to savor the happiness of being alive and to appreciate the world around him. Acqua Di Gio displays an unprecedented sensory balance . It is at the same time powerful, wild, sensual and harmonious. Today, it is revealed in an original box.

The fresh and marine breath of Acqua Di Gio

Acqua Di Gio is a fresh and transparent juice. It begins with a very lively olfactory score. Its head is made up of citrus, hedione and persimmon. This unexpected fruit opens the way to a more marine heart. The calone here exudes a certain bitterness without however lacking in sweetness. Finally, this maritime sensation is finally swept away by more masculine tones. The base of Acqua Di Gio is full of woody and musky notes. Acqua Di Gio ends with a breath of cedar, patchouli and cistus.

Armani’s box

Acqua Di Gio is revealed in a particularly refined box . Black and gold in color, he seems to have put on his 31 and immediately takes us into a magical and festive universe. It thus becomes a perfect gift for the end of year celebrations. The Armani set contains the 100 ml spray of the Acqua Di Gio perfume associated with the shower gel and aftershave balm from the same range.

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